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What is Brosis Service

Through corporate training sessions, Brosis Services helps professionals develop their soft skills. The objective is to bridge competency gaps and support professionals in acquiring qualified soft skills. We at Brosis Services follow an end-to-end training process. Conducting Training Need Analysation (TNA),Training Need Identification (TNI) and the pre-assessment for professionals. It helps us to understand the competency gaps better. Accordingly; we try to recommend accurate topics for soft skills training to our clients.

Subsequently, our expert team of Instructional Designers & Trainers prepare the training module as per the analysis and clients' requirements. Our highly skilled and proficient trainers conduct the  Soft Skills training sessions after thorough research. During the training, the expert knowledge of our trainers helps the professionals to develop their competencies & skill sets. After providing the training, we help them in the post-evaluation process.

Brosis Services was founded by Manpreet Kaur. She is a Certified Corporate Trainer for Soft Skills who began her professional journey in 2007. Since then, she has taken a leading role in delivering soft skills training to businesses all over the globe. In September 2015, she decided to take a succeeding step in her career and established BroSis Services. Brosis Services is working with a variety of organizations as well to build and improve
their soft skills. Our Team manages the strategic framework for training, Performance Management, Communication Skills, Project Management, Talent Planning, and assessment. Excellence in offering training design and development solutions that meet company and growth goals for the international market in the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific Region.

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