About BroSis Services

About BroSis Services

About BroSis Services

The essence of BroSis Services is to perform the competency mapping of the professionals and  provide competent as well intellectual Corporate Training Programs that are filled with learnings, enthusiasm, creativity, lucidness and playfulness, across various industries and fields.

BroSis Services is conceptualized and founded by Manpreet Kaur. She is a certified corporate trainer for soft skills who commenced her professional journey in 2007 as a sales training specialists. Since then she has been actively involved in delivering distinctive soft skills programs to the various organizations. At a subsequent pace, she determined to take a succeeding step in her career and established BroSis Services in September 2015.

Our expert team of trainers and facilitators employ tactfulness in their training sessions which are at par with the industry standard.

BroSis Services has collaborated with several organizations and professionals for enhancing & developing their soft skills.

The Learning & Development Process is comprised of:  

  • Identifying and Evaluation of the Competencies  for  the employees
  • Training need Analyzation / Training Need Identification(TNi/TNA)
  • One on One Discussions with each department for Pre-Assessment Process
  • Strategising and Recommendation of the training Modules
  • Designing and Development of the Training Content
  • Delivery of the Training
  • Post Assessment and Evaluation

Our Clients admire our work because

  • We respect professionalism
  • We have focused and dedicated team for each training program.
  • We work for distinctive sectors & industries which makes our team, industry expert & even more proficient & profound.
  • As an external training resource, we advocate new outlook during our sessions for sorting the management challenges.
  • We encourage a neutral vision while handling our trainees.